Woman Sees Shirtless Boy In Window of Abandoned Home, But What Police Find Inside Will Shock You

A Detroit woman was baffled when, on a cold and snowy day, she saw a shirtless boy in the window of an abandoned home. As mysterious as the sighting was, nothing could prepare her, or even seasoned Detroit police officers, for the horror inside.

After obtaining a search warrant, the Detroit Police Department sent some of their finest to investigate. But there was one discovery that left officers shocked and shaken: a group of young children, aged 9 months to 9 years old, abandoned inside, left to fend for themselves…

Catching wind of the story, local reporters from FOX 2 arrived at the home to investigate, but found only a mysterious woman inside who is, quite possibly, the mother.

Although she has not yet been arrested or faced with charges, the children’s father was taken into custody. Local residents were shocked to learn the truth about the mysterious abandoned home, assuming no one lived there.

A neighbor named Diana reportedly once saw a child in the window, telling FOX 2, “I seen a little boy. I don’t know how old he was—maybe 5 or 6—in the window. He had no shirt on and I just know it was cold that day. I just said, ‘wow’, but I didn’t know. I haven’t seen nobody in a while.”